19 thoughts on “2. From Cottage Industry to Factory Assembly Line

  1. oliver seemed to move around alot and have alot going on in his life. All of the people and his family members seem to confuse me. Silas story confused me i could not really understand all the big words and all of the long names made it really tricky!

  2. That guy Silas must have had a rough time getting accused of a theft because that was a pretty bad crime in those days and had harsh penalties normally. Oliver Twist had a rough life which was common in those days and did what he could to stay alive and well for as long as he could.

  3. both stories seem to have lot of of theft and lying but it seems that the life in the country was more peaceful than in the city. Silas is quite a mellow kind soul.

  4. It seems that in both these stories there is a recuuring pattern of lies, deceit and mistrust. You could never be sure of who to trust, because you never know when the might ‘stab you in the back’ for their own personal gain. In the country everything seemed a lot simpler compared to the hustle and bustle of the city.

  5. both of the stories involved stealing and lying. Obviously you couldn’t always trust everyone. But it seems like both of the boys had a tough life, with no parents and had experienced stolen items.

  6. the oliver twist story made out that life in the city kinda sucked and the silas one was just dealin with stuff with a mellow way.

  7. Both involved theft, lying and lost objects. Both boys with no parents, life must have been hard.

  8. It would have been pretty hard on a boy thst young to move round that much and to have had that much lose in his life. But it sounds common back in those days, from all the stories.

  9. These two stories were very alike, they both involved stealing and lying

    At the start of olivers story his mum dies after birth, then he got send to go pickpocket.
    It must of been hard to know what was right and what was wrong

  10. these stories are very similliar and have some crimes that were taken very seriously then and made the city life much worse than the country

  11. the story had alot of theft but more of it was in the city than the country. It seems like the country was a nicer place to live.
    It would have been really hard for both of the boys.

  12. both stories seem to have lot of of theft and lying but it seems that the life in the country was more peaceful than in the city. Silas is quite a mellow kind soul.

  13. these stories are very much alike considering that they both explain how hard life was for them and that they both had something to with distrust and stealing. Both stories made out that the country was a more lovely place rather than the city.

  14. The stories both show a lot of lies and deceit as well as painting a picture of England being a terrible place to live, but in the end after all their hardships both stories end with a reasonably happy ending.

  15. there is a lot of lying, theft and superstious people, maybe that superstiton comes from tramatic stress from working as a child. Silias is and interesting story. Like lukas said he is a “mellow kind soul”. Oliver Twist is a well know story and it is quite evident in the story that it is a bad life in the I.R.


  16. There was a lot of dying and doom and gloom in both of them, although I think they were set in different places. Also both of them there was a child (Oliver or Eppie) growing up without knowing who their parents were, so it shows there weren’t great birth records

  17. These stories show how harsh the penalties were for stealing and and also how innocent people were accused of commiting crime or in Oliver’s case, having no choice

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