6 Cartoon Analysis

Look at the above cartoon from the nineteenth century.

 What can you see is happening in the picture?  Who is the figure turning the machine supposed to be?  What is being put into the machine?  What is being produced by the machine?   What do you think the cartoon is trying to say?  Does it give a positive or negative view of working conditions?


10 thoughts on “6 Cartoon Analysis

  1. 1 people are being minced
    2 the owner of the factory
    3 women and children(the workers of the factory)
    4 little bags of money
    5 that the owners didn’t care about there worker they just cared about the money and that many people died working,and that the people that were not involved didn’t know about it.
    6 definitely a negative one.

  2. People (young children and women) are being mistreated by the factory owner, so he can make a lot of money and be rich.

  3. kids are being ‘punished’ and will die because the factory owner minces them through work

  4. The factory owner is mincing/mistreating the children and turning them into money. the curtain is covering it up so that if your not in the factory you dont know what is going on

  5. The factory owner is mincing children, i suggest they are his workers and then tranforming them into money. This cartoon shows that many factory workers don’t care about the safety and wellbeing of the children that work for him, he only cares about the money and how that will benefit himself.
    The curtain is there so that many of the public doesn’t see really what these evil villans (factory owners) are doing to these poor children.

  6. The factory owner is mincing the children, then the parts of the children come out but the public can t see it….. there is also money being pumped out aswell.

  7. This cartoon shows a factory owner mincing up kids and are turned into money. There is a curtain covering up what’s going on, hiding it from the public and preventing them from knowing what goes on.

  8. the factory owner is mincing the workers. It gives a negative view of the working conditions because it is saying that the factory owners didnt care about the wellfare of the workers, as long as they made money

  9. In the cartoon, workers are going in to the top of the machine and being minced and destroyed so the person turning the mincer (an entrpreneur) can get money. The cartoon is saying that the entrepreneur only really cares about making money, and nothing about what happens to the workers. It shines the working conditions in a very negative light.

  10. The man mincing the kids is the entrepeneur because it is implying that they dont take any care of the kids and all they want is money. The curtain is basically implying that the people buying the goods have no idea what is actually happening in the factories

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