5 Diseases of the Industrial Revolution

Respond to the cartoon: What does this source suggest as to how people caught the disease cholera?

20 thoughts on “5 Diseases of the Industrial Revolution

  1. The cartoon suggests that the water was passing out diseases that would kill people. That is why Death is pumping the water out.

  2. this cartoon suggests that the water being pumped would have some drastic effect on the people that drink it practically to do with life and death, but the people wouldnt know it.

  3. It’s symbolising that in drinking the water they were basically drinking death (as the cartoon says it’s “Death’s Dispensary”. The pumps were dispensing death), and that they were doing it naively. Even if they did know though, it’s not like they actually had much of a choice.

  4. It suggests that water was the main reason for people getting cholera. This is probably because the water was full of lots of different sorts of yuck.

  5. it shows that the water is deadly and the people dont even realise it all they want is water.

  6. The cartoon shows that people would catch it from the water because of the open water ditches instead of pipes.

  7. Because the water was so dirty and germy, people would get sick with disease, and could often die! So the picture tells us that as people drink the water, they can die!

  8. It’s telling us that the water is so dirty, that it spreads disease. Which of course, can lead death.

  9. It suggests that a source of death and disease (in this case cholera) is the water that is being dispensed from the pump.

  10. It suggests that the water was handing out diseases that would kill you. That’s why death is handing out the water.

  11. The cartoon sugegests that a women is passing on diseases through the water she is giving the children.

  12. cholrea is a water born disease so that skeleton is the disease and it is wraped around that water pipe where all the peoples water comes from.


  13. That the water is mish and you get sick from it

  14. It shows that if you drank the diseased water, you were asking death to kill you. The people didn’t even know…

  15. the cartoon sugeste that was infect with diastase henc why death is pumping the water out of the ground

  16. It shows that the drinking water can kill you and that the people had to drink it

  17. This image shows that the water would kill people, that is why it is being pumped by Death

  18. The cartoon shows that they are drining the water to there death, so basically they are drinking death

  19. This cartoon suggests that the water that they were drinking leads to death vertially killing them

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