4. Living Conditions


Living Conditions

Please respond to the question posed in class.
Cholera was one of the main killers during hte ninteenth cnetury.
Research Cholera and then tell me why it spread so rapidly around the slums

Use the link to the  image to help answer why Cholera spread so rapidly around the slums.

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  1. Cholera is an infection of the small intestine that causes a large amount of watery diarrhea. Symptoms: Abdominal cramps; Dry mucus membranes or mouth; Dry skin; Excessive thirst; Glassy or sunken eyes; Lack of tears; Lethargy …

  2. Cholera spread really well because its a water born disease. In the developing world it is quite a common disease. In the slums the were all using the same water and ther waste was quite close to that water so it was always going to be a breeding ground for disease

  3. It spread so rapidly because it is a water born desease. It was breed throughout the water supply because the waste was so close. There are many symptoms, such as dry skin and thirst. It was truely a disgusting disease…

  4. cholera is an infection in the small intestine and when you have it you get watery diarrhea and it spread because it is a water born disease.

  5. it is a water born disease which since everything was so public e.g. water supply, toilets and housing.

  6. Cholera is a bactirial disease thtat is a really bad case od diarear and can spread like crazy and people died from it

  7. It spread very easy because it was caused by dirty water. and everyone had to drink the water they didnt really have a choce

  8. Cholera releases a toxin into the intestines, causing them to release too much fluid which causes really bad diarrhea and dehydration. It infects people when they consume infected food or water. It’s spread via dirty water so because there was little or sanitation the water all became infected

  9. Cholera occurs in places with poor sanitation, crowding, war, and famine.People get the infection by eating or drinking contaminated food or water. there are dozens off symptoms the most severe being Vomiting,Watery diarrhea

  10. Cholera is a diesese that infects the intestines and gives you bad poo and makes you spew and it could kill back then

  11. Cholera is a disease of the intestines, it spread so quickly becasue it is a water disease. Everyone needs water!

  12. Cholera is an infectious disease in the intestines that kills thousands and thousands each year. Many symtoms include, dry skin, cramps, glassy eyes, exsessive thirst and lack of tears.

  13. Cholera spread so quickly because it is a water boarn disease. It is an infectious disease in the intestines. Symptons include dry skin, ecessive thrist, diarreha.

  14. cholera is water borne and all the water in the slums was from the same source, meaning that you could be drinking toilet water. Although back then they didn’t have more than a hole in the ground.


  15. cholera spread so quickly because it is a water born disease and there was no clean water system and the water was often contaminated with the sewerage

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