3. Child Labour


 The boys here would have been younger than you, worked from 5 am to 7 pm with minimal breaks and a pittance of a wage.

Please respond to this picture – What does it tell us about working conditions during the Industrial Revolution?

20 thoughts on “3. Child Labour

  1. This picture tells us that no sympathy back in that time and everyone that was poor was made to work

  2. The picture shows that if you were old enough to work, you would. You had to support yourself and your famil and if this meant working 14 hours a day, then you would do it.

  3. It tells us that working conditions were tough for everyone, no matter what your age. Everyone in the family’s would of had to work just to support their family.

  4. It shows that the working conditions were dirty, dangerous and just generally poor. On top of that, they had virtually had no rights. Only the desperately poor would work there, let alone send their children to work there.

  5. The children have no shoes on or svafety equipment the kids could have got their toes caught in something or stood on sharp things. it does not look very safe

  6. Voges made a century!!!!!
    The picture tells us that money was so hard to come by before the I.R. and that people were using there greed to the full effect.


  7. It would be a pretty rough life and money would be scarce. If you became a teacher though, you were a very rich person (but you had to go to school first).

  8. this picture makes me appreciate how lucky we are today and how hard it would’ve been living in that place at that time back then!

  9. It shows working conditions were poor, dirty and young children hade to work for small pay. The factories also caused major pollution.

  10. This pictures shows that working days were long, tough and dangerous. It shows that children were forced to work, they had no choice but to slave away for hours on end in terrible conditions. I can’t imagine what life must have been like for those children!

  11. It would be pretty horrible for the kids working there. the picture shows that if you are older enough and poor enough you would have to work, with minimum wages and dangerous work.

  12. The picture shows us that children back then wernt treated like “Children”.
    They were treated at little adults, who werent ready to work and wernt ready to be beaten.

  13. it tells us the working conditions were very poor and tiring. these children at their age should be discovering the basics of the world not staying in one place doing one thing for 12hours

  14. the working conditions were terrible!
    it ould have been inhumane to work for that long in those conditions but when you think about it, they chose to work there.

  15. the work is mean and the way they were treated was torture and the factory’s pollution is massive
    It’s cruel!!!!!!!!

  16. little kids had to work on dangerous machines where they could die

  17. it shows that working conditions in the IR were dangerous and the employers were ruthless and didn’t care for the safety or wellbeing of their employees

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