1.Introduction to the Industrial Revolution

Welcome to year 8 my fabulous SOSE class.

Please follw the link and listen to the rap song http://www.flocabulary.com/industrial-revolution/

This will give you a little insight into what we will be studying for the next 25 lessons.

I would like each one of you to post one comment about what you may have learnt from the song or make anĀ observation about life during the period 1750 to 1850.

Looking forward to reading your comments, Ms Penn šŸ™‚


24 thoughts on “1.Introduction to the Industrial Revolution

  1. The world has become a whole lot dirtier and unhealthy due to the I R. Hence global warming.

  2. Becasue of the Industrial Revolution, cities became bigger and the population would have grown. More people would have been hhomeless and poor, but also many more people will have become rich.

  3. After watching the Video I still can not really fegier out what the industrial Reaslution is. I think it might be something about the changes or something but i am not sure.

  4. the world has changed because of the industrial revolution in lots of ways that our population has needed including the productivity of manufacturing with all new ways of power which are more powerful and takes less effort for us.

  5. Due to the industrial revolution the population of the world has boomed. It has mean’t that products can be made quicker and cheaper. This has mean’t that there was a larger consumer market, meaning that prices went down making it easier to feed a bigger family which adds up to no indisicion about having enough to feed a family

  6. The world changed because little children don’t have to work in factories anymore now only big boys can work in fcatories if they have qualifications.

  7. When the industrial revolution started the population doubled then doubled again and living conditions became really bad.

  8. Because of the Industrial Revolution people now use steam, electricity and combustion for energy instead of human workers. I also learned that when factories needed more workers they employed kids.

  9. the industeal revaltion is what happened when we needed to find a faster way of making stuff

  10. how can people not get what this is? its people doing tough labor then thinking “lets get other things to do it for us” meaning machines doing it! Then there are big factories with machines in there to do the stuff that humans used to do and people are there as well, giving it a helping hand to do its work, e.g. putting fabrics in a special part of the machine to make it make clothes with them. Simple.


  11. The industrial revoulution has made the population bigger and we use technolagy and/or industrial machines….so we dont know what it was like to live back in the 1750s.

  12. Because of the IR people now get machines to make stuff instead of having people do it manually.

  13. Wonder why we have so much pollution these days! Also you would want to be born into a rich family.

  14. That one invention, in farming, caused people to invent more things so it was easier to make things and do things.

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