One thought on “Tundra

  1. Air pollution:
    Pro: Humans dont have to worry about their environmental impact.
    Polluting sources of energy are often cheaper than green fuels
    Cons: Damages the wildlife and the plant life that lives in the Tundra.

    Drilling for oil and gas:
    Pros: Humans get fuel and some people will earn money from it.
    Cons: Poses a threat to wildlife.
    Damges the natural Tundra environment

    Overpopulation of Canadian:
    Pros: Good for the security of the future Canadian geese.
    Cons: Having too many of one species upsets the natural balance of the food chain.

    Global Warming:
    Pros:We cn be lazy about looking after the environment.
    Cons: Causes or will cause some of the Tundra to dissapear.

    Laws being passed to monitor drilling:
    Pros: Helps to protect the Tundra’s environment.
    Cons: Impacts oil governments.

    Countries becoming responsible for their CO2 emisions.
    Pros: Helps prevent global warming which helps the Tundra aswell as all other biomes.
    Cons: Upsets many citizens of the countries.

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