One thought on “Savanna

  1. Industrialization:
    Pro: More room for factories for the needs of our growing population
    Con: Less area for the habitats of the animals so their population decreases.
    Pro: So farmers can start fresh for new crops
    Con: Animals that have this area as their current home get driven out.
    Pro: Some for precious horns, meat or fur
    Con: This disrupts the natural food web and this can put animals close to extinction.

    Pro: Lots of area for people that may not have had a home before.
    Con: Humans populating the area increase the chance of fire.
    Elephant poachers:
    Pros: Tusks
    Cons: Wiping out elephants
    Commercial crops
    Pro: Produce
    Con: Destroys land- only 5% of original grass
    Cattle grazing:
    Pro: Fed cattle
    Con: No food for wildlife
    Pro: Tourism
    Con: Puts stress on grass so bad plants can invade.
    Loss of Animals:
    Pro: educating the public about the environment
    cons: destroying habitats and killing animals.
    by Michael, Sam and Angus

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